What used to be a country that everybody believed was filled with danger and nuclear weapon lovers is, today, becoming the destination with the most exponential tourism growth in the world.

From the most hospitable people to the oldest history, stunning architecture, the most desolate deserts, green mountains, islands, and many other things, travelers are gradually realizing that Iran is the ultimate destination.

However, since it has opened to tourism very recently, traveling in Iran is not that easy, as it presents several difficulties and peculiarities, ranging from strict Islamic rules to credit card issues.

For all the practical information, read my 80 Useful tips for traveling to Iran.

need to know for traveling in Iran

Quick facts

Capital: Tehran

Population: 81 million (18th)

Official language: Persian (Farsi)

Area: 1,648,195km² (17th largest country)


The VOA seems not to be available anymore.

You first need to get your pre-approval visa via a local operator like 1stQuest, pay the 29€ fee, and collect your visa at the embassy.

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Or read my visa guide for Iran


In Iran, they use the Iranian Rial.

1 USD = 42,000 IRR

There are no ATMs in Iran and cards can’t be used. Bring everything in cash.

Budget: starting at $30 per day for budget backpackers.

Travel Insurance

Few insurance providers cover travel in Iran, but IATI Insurance does.

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Access blocked websites

Popular websites such as Facebook and YouTube are blocked in Iran. If you want to access them, you will need a (VPN), and I recommend ExpressVPN

Best time to visit

Spring and autumn are the best times, when the weather is pleasant.

Winter is the best time to visit the warm south, especially the islands.

Summer can be too hot.

Dress code for women

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Women need to have both their heads and shoulders covered and can’t show their curves, meaning that they must wear a long dress or skirt over their pants. The only rule for men is that they can’t wear short pants.

All women I know have had an amazing time in Iran. Read solo female traveling in Iran

Top experiences in Iran

Iranian people

Iranians are some of the best and most misunderstood people in the world

The rolling hills of Golestan

Inhabited by Turmkmens, Golestan is the home to a Central Asian culture

Marveling some epic Islamic architecture

Some of the most gorgeous mosques in the world are in Iran

Meeting Iranian nomads

The Qashqai is a nomadic group in Iran still living a traditional life

Check our 1 to 4-week Iran itinerary

tips for Iran


There are many accommodation options in Iran but they can’t be booked via popular sites such as

You must book them via 1stQuest

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Getting in

Tehran, Esfahan, and Shiraz have the most transited international airports.

All borders with neighboring countries are open, as long as you have a valid visa.


Moving around Iran is very easy. There is a big network of extremely comfortable buses that go everywhere in the country.

For those short in time, domestic flights are an option. You can book your flight tickets via 1stQuest as well.

5% discount code in all your bookings: ATC-QST