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If you want to say hello or you just need any travel tips, I will be happy to answer you!

P.S: I extremely love when people email me with the latest traveling information, so I can updates my travel guides accordingly. Seriously, it’s amazing!

If you want to guest post on Against the Compass, please refer to my guest post guidelines.

How to contact me

  1. You just want to say hello If you just want to say hi, you can shoot me an email at joan(at) and I will answer you as soon as I can. 
  2. You have traveling questions – If you have specific questions about the countries I have been to, please read carefully:
    • Get a fast answer – If you have a question about a specific destination or blog post and you want a very fast answer, post a comment on the blog post itself and I will answer you right away, immediately. I always give TOP priority to blog comments.
    • Get a slower answer – You can also send me an email but due to the large number of emails I receive, I may take a couple of days to reply: joan(at)
  3. You are a brand or any commercial entity – Please, read my Work with Me Page

Before contacting me, please read this carefully:

  • Please, don’t try to send me messages on Facebook. In fact, I decided to disable the PM section because a lot of people always tried to chat with me live.
  • Don’t ask me for my personal Whatsapp number because I don’t tend to share it with random people on the internet.
  • I will be happy to answer specific questions but please, don’t contact me asking if I could plan a personalized itinerary for you because I am not a travel agency.
  • Moreover, don’t contact me asking about specific visa regulations from your country because I don’t know the visa policy from all the countries in the world. I have a Spanish passport and I just know the visa policy from most European Union countries and, in any case, you can find this information in most of my guides.
  • If you are a brand or any commercial organization and want to work with Against the Compass, please refer to my Work with Me page.
  • If you are a travel agent who wants to advertise their services on my site for free, don’t contact me. (I actually receive this sort of request very often)
  • Remember to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

With love, Joan from Against the Compass


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