The Best Hotels in Tehran (per area) in 2024

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best hotels in tehran

Iran’s capital of Tehran has earned its spot as a must-visit destination.

The city is the country’s modern center and here you’ll see Iran’s more liberal future mingled with its traditional past.

There are museums to visit, bazaars to shop in, gardens to stroll through, teahouses to relax at and people watch and you can even hike the trails of the snow-capped mountains which surround the city. 

Despite everything it has to offer, this capital city is still a fairly undiscovered location so we put together this handy guide of the best hotels to help you decide where to stay in Tehran. 

where to stay in tehran

How to book hotels, flights and tours in Iran

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How to book hotels in Tehran

Similar to countries like Syria, Eritrea, or Sudan, In Iran, remember that, because of the sanctions, hotel search engines such as don’t work.

They have their local booking sites, but the problem is that, once again, because of the sanctions, you won’t be able to use your credit or debit card.

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Hotel prices in Tehran: how much do they cost?

Iran is one of the cheapest countries in the Middle East.

There is a vast range of accommodation for every budget in Tehran and compared to many western cities, the prices are extremely reasonable.

You can expect to spend around $8 per night at a hostel, from $26 dollars for a cheaper hotel, approximately $40 for a midrange property, and $100 and up for somewhere more luxurious.

So whatever you’re looking to spend, you’ll be able to find something that suits you to a tee. 

Our top picks: Best hotels in Tehran

Best hostel in Tehran – Tehran Heritage Hostel – Bright, light and clean, this modern hostel has everything you need for your stay in Tehran. 

The cheapest hotel in Tehran- Eskan Forsat Hotel – Within walking distance of many must-see spots, you’ll feel close to everything here. 

The best 3-star hotel in Tehran – Baloot Hotel – The courtyard and pool will sell you on this location on a warm summery day when you want to be outside. 

The most luxurious hotel in Tehran – Espinas Palace Hotel – Standing tall and marked by its bright lights, Espinas Palace is probably one of the city’s most famous hotels. 

Where to stay in Tehran: best accommodation per area

Tehran Bazaar (District 12)

The old historical center of the city, District 12 is a must-visit for a reason.

Because of its long-storied history, there’s so much to see, do and learn about in this area. Unsurprisingly it has a high number of museums to explore, each with its own unique offering.

Shoppers will love visiting the Grand Bazaar (dating as far back as the 1700s) which offers over 10km of retail therapy and foodies will find delicious offerings in the local restaurants and cafes. 

accommodation in tehran
Carpet shop in Tehran bazaar


Amazing museums and markets to explore.

Great for local cuisine.


Not for those looking to explore Tehran’s modern side.

Best Hostel in Tehran Bazaar

Tehran Heritage Hostel – Despite being located in one of the older parts of the city, this popular hostel feels like the modern face of Tehran. The bright and airy decor is inviting and it’s a great place to meet like-minded travelers. There are plenty of room choices available – a double room, a dorm, or even a yurt.

Best Mid-range hotel in Tehran Bazaar

Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel – This large and well-established hotel sits on one of Tehran’s busiest streets and has everything you could need for your stay. There are comfortable rooms, a pool and sauna to relax in, a gym, a bakery, and two restaurants serving both traditional and international cuisines. 

Best Luxury Hotel in Tehran Bazaar

Hanna Boutique Hotel – Elegant, understated and beautifully styled, it’s safe to say that there’s nothing else quite like Hanna Boutique Hotel in Tehran. Seamlessly blending contemporary Iranian style and architecture with pieces that represent both its and the city’s past – these are exquisitely furnished rooms. The restaurant and cafe combine both Iranian and international flavors in their dishes. 

Tehran bazaar

Iranshahr (District 6)

The cultural heart of Tehran, this part of the city is packed full of things to do and see.

Bookworms will be in heaven wandering around the hundreds (yes hundreds) of libraries and there are also museums, galleries, bookshops, theatres, and cinemas to keep culture vultures happy.

Shopaholics will also be content wandering around the many malls and luxury jewelry stores, stopping for a break or two in the numerous cafes and restaurants.

Iranshahr is also the place where you find the former American Embassy, today an anti-American propaganda museum.


Plenty of cultural hotspots to explore.

Something for every type of city traveler.


Being right in the center, this is a busy spot.

Best cheap Hotel in Iranshahr

Saina Hotel – Simple and back to basics, Saina Hotel has everything you could need and is conveniently sat in the heart of District 6. It’s also located close to the subway which means you can easily explore other parts of the city. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and you can enjoy a traditional Persian breakfast each morning. 

Best Mid-range hotel in Iranshahr

Laleh Hotel Tehran – Laleh Hotel might look simple and unassuming from the outside but once you walk in, you’ll be blown away by the ornate and colourful designs. The restaurants and coffee shop serve a range of Persian and international dishes to suit every taste and there’s a pool and spa to relax in.

Best Luxury Hotel in Iranshahr

Espinas International (Khalij-e Fars) – Spread over 14 floors and with a choice of 284 rooms, this grand hotel is one of the most well-known in the city. Each room enjoys its own ensuite bathroom, some with jacuzzis, and you can also choose a room with a balcony. Two restaurants will keep you well fed if you don’t want to explore further afield and there’s also an onsite coffee shop. 

Sohrevardi (District 7)

Sprawling District 7 would be hard to miss.

Because of its location, it’s a great jumping-off point to explore other parts of the city.

This large area is known for the old neighborhoods which make it up and the historical architecture which can still be seen here such as the beautiful Masoudieh Mansion.

The District is actually home to the highest number of cafes and restaurants in Tehran, so foodies won’t be short on options to try! 


Centrally located

Filled with locals, a place to get under the city’s skin.


Large – can be harder to navigate.

Cheap Hotel in Sohrevardi

Eskan Forsat Hotel – Comfortable, clean and with everything you need, Eskan Forsat Hotel is a great option for this area. You can enjoy breakfast here each day, have a hot drink at the onsite coffee shop and dine at the restaurant in the evening. Or skip the in-house dinner and make the most of the excellent location near some of District 7’s best restaurants. 

Best Mid-range option in Sohrevardi

Bahar Hotel – This pleasant three-star hotel is perfectly situated for those travelers looking to explore the city, its central location near the Metro makes it easy to zip about. Breakfast is included each day and there’s an onsite restaurant where you can dine each evening too. 

Best Five-Star Hotel in Sohrevardi

Persian Plaza Hotel – This modern hotel has every convenience a traveller could ask for and is the epitome of Iranian hospitality. The decor is plush yet simple, with plenty of references to traditional architecture and design perfectly blending with modern touches. There’s a gym, spa, pool, and jacuzzi, as well as an excellent restaurant serving local and international dishes as well as a bakery. 

places to stay in tehran
Masoudieh Mansion in Tehran

District 2 and north Tehran

Sitting in the north of the city and butting up against the lower slopes of the Alborz Mountains, you’ll find District 2.

There are a few local sights to see here such as Milad Tower and the district is full of fantastic local restaurants.

It’s ideal for those looking for a bit of an escape, who want to get to know the quieter side of Tehran and be close to the nearby mountainous peaks. 

best areas to stay in tehran


Away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Filled with parks and green spaces to relax.


Set back from the city sights and cultural highlights.

More remote.

Best 3-Star Hotel in District 2

Baloot Hotel – This pretty hotel makes the most of its green location with a sprawling garden and courtyard and a large outdoor pool. There are two restaurants set in the courtyard that are known for their Persian and international cuisine.

Best Mid-range option in District 2

Parsian Evin Hotel – A four-star property set in this quiet location with 150 well-equipped and classically furnished bedrooms, most of which offer a balcony. It’s a great spot from which to explore District 2 and also offers a wide selection of restaurants. You can enjoy traditional Persian cuisine, a barbecue outside by the pool, or even something from the Chinese restaurant. 

Best Luxury Hotel in District 2

Espinas Palace Hotel – Arguably the most popular and well-known hotel in the city, Espinas Palace offers an elegant and luxurious stay for its guests. You’ll easily spot the brightly lit, 20 storey building from afar and the 400 rooms are all furnished and decorated to an exacting and high-end standard – all enjoying an ensuite bathroom and some a balcony. There’s an excellent breakfast buffet, a fantastic coffee shop known, and two restaurants.

where to stay in tehran

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