What used to be a country that everybody believed was filled with danger and nuclear weapon lovers is, today, becoming the destination with the most exponential tourism growth in the world.

From the most hospitable people to the oldest history, stunning architecture, the most desolate deserts, green mountains, islands, and many other things, slowly, travelers are realizing that Iran is the ultimate destination.

However, since it has opened to tourism very recently, traveling in Iran is not that easy, as it presents several difficulties and peculiarities, ranging from strict Islamic rules to credit card issues and even the need to get special travel insurance.

For all the practical information, read my 80 Useful tips for traveling to Iran

Capital – Tehran

Population – 81 million (18th)

Official language – Persian (Farsi)

Visa for Iran

Most nationalities can get a visa on arrival but there are quite a few cases when you should apply for it in advance. For more information, read my Iranian visa guide.

Best time to visit

Spring and autumn would be the best months. In summer, the classic Persian cities will be quite hot but not unbearable. The south of Iran, including the islands, should be avoided in summer, late spring and early autumn. In winter, the north of Iran is mostly covered by snow.


Iran is, perhaps, safer than your home country and, in order to understand why you should read: Is Iran safe?

Access blocked websites in Iran

Many popular websites such as Facebook and YouTube are blocked in Iran. If you want to access them, you will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN). For that, I strongly recommend ExpressVPN, the one I personally use and works best for Iran.


Things to do in Iran

Iran is a huge country with endless awesome sites to see. If you only have 2 weeks, I recommend you visit Tehran, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, the Kaluts, and Shiraz.

I traveled in Iran for more than 2 months, so if you want to see all the places I visited, read my 1 to 4-week itinerary for the independent traveler.

You will see that I mention 1stQuest quite a few times, an Iranian company that offers different services regarding visas, travel insurance, domestic bus & flight tickets, hotel booking, and even tourist packages. They are a great company which helped me sort out my visa. Moreover, they are one of the very few companies which allows you to purchase any service with an international credit card. Just check them out and, if you decide to buy anything, remember that you can use my voucher code to get an exclusive 5% discountATC-QST –
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Transportation in Iran

Moving around Iran is very easy. There is a big network of extremely comfortable buses that go everywhere in the country. Alternatively, you can also travel by train but not all cities have train stations. Last, for those short in time, domestic flights are also quite efficient.

You can buy both bus tickets and flight tickets through 1stQuest, the first local website that finally accepts international credit cards. Moreover, the readers of this blog can use my personal discount code to get an exclusive 5% discount on all their purchases: ATC-QST


Dress code in Iran

Women need to have both their head and shoulders covered and can’t show their curves, meaning that they must wear a long dress or skirt over their pants. The only rule for men is that they can’t wear short pants.

Travel insurance for Iran

Because of the sanctions, few insurance providers cover travel in Iran. The one which does, however, is IATI Insurance.

Moreover, travel insurance is a must requirement for anyone trying to get a visa on arrival at the airport.

I also recommend IATI Insurance for these reasons:

  1. They have loads of different plans for all travelers: from families to budget backpackers
  2. Full COVID-19 coverage
  3. Covers for up to 1 year trips
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For more information, read how to find the right travel insurance for Iran.

How much does it cost

Iran is really cheap and the IR is constantly devaluing. Meals cost 100,000-300,000IR. Budget accommodation costs 300,000-500,000IR. Entering most touristic sites costs 100,000-200,000IR.

Remember that international credit cards are not accepted in Iran, so you must bring cash.

Women in Iran

All women I know have had an amazing time in Iran. For more information read solo female traveling in Iran.

Where to stay in Iran

There are many hotels and guest houses in Iran, especially in the main cities. Most international hotel search engine sites don’t work though, including

Therefore, for booking hotels, I also recommend the guys from 1stQuest, as they have a wide range of listed hotels in all the main cities in Iran. Once again, you can use my 5% discount code across on all your bookings: ATC-QST