United Arab Emirates

Before you begin reading any of the following posts about Dubai and/or United Arab Emirates (UAE), I want you to have something clear. UAE is an independent country. Dubai is not a country, but it’s a capital and emirate that belongs to the UAE, and it’s not even the capital. The capital is Abu Dhabi. UAE is composed by 7 Emirates. Qatar and Doha also don’t belong to the UAE. Qatar is an independent country and Doha is its capital. Dubai is a city which everybody relates to skyscrapers, money, consumerism and materialism. In the following articles, I want to show you what this country can offer beyond the popular stereotypes.

Capital: Abu Dhabi
– Population: 5.8 million (93rd)
– Area: 83,600km2 (116th)
– Language: Arabic
– Religion: Sunni Muslims
– A curious fact: Did you know that 90% of the UAE population are foreigners?


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