Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, one of the most hermetic countries in the world for non-Muslims, seems to be finally changing and opening its borders to international tourists.

Let me tell you something:

Saudi is a great country, composed of lovely people, extremely hospitable, and home to some stunning natural sites, as well as jaw-dropping archaeological sites that you would never imagine.

It is really one of those countries which requires a couple of months to discover because, given its dimensions, there are loads, loads of things to see.

Seriously, I can’t recommend Saudi enough.

For all the practical information, including visas, don’t forget to read how to travel to Saudi Arabia.

need to know for traveling in Saudi Arabia

Quick facts

Capital: Riyadh

Population: 33 million (40th)

Language: Arabic

Area: 2,149,690km² (12th largest country)


You can apply for an online visa ($140) and, as of 2023, a visa on arrival is also available.

How to access blocked sites

Remember that in Saudi, the internet is censored, which means that some websites are blocked.

Travel Insurance

In Saudi Arabia the Health Care System is private and crazy expensive, so do get proper travel insurance.

I strongly recommend IATI Insurance

5% discount if booking here:

Best time to visit

Avoid coming here from May to the end of September, when temperatures average around 45ºC.


In Saudi Arabia, they use the Saudi Rial.

1 USD = 3.75 SAR

ATMs are available pretty much everywhere and credit cards are accepted in most modern cafés, restaurants, and hotels.

Is Saudi safe for female travelers?

Saudi is safe for solo women and my friend Nadia can tell you more about it.

9 Misconceptions about solo female traveling in Saudi.

Top experiences in Saudi

The Old City of Jeddah

Built in the 7th century as a gateway for Muslims going to Mecca.

Explore the green mountains of Jizan

Dramatic landscapes and Yemeni-like culture.

Get blessed by the locals’ hospitality

Saudis are some of the most hospitable people on Earth.

Travel back in time in Madinah Saleh

A replica of Petra but even more remote.

Check our Saudi Arabia 2-week itinerary

tips for Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is well-sorted for hotels: from basic – but clean – accommodation starting at $30 per night to the most luxurious hotels.

Hotel-apartments are a great value-for-money option, and you can find them everywhere.

Day trips and tours in Saudi

From visiting the Old Town of Jeddah to a day trip to the Edge of the World, you can book several activities with just 1 click.


Public transportation is really bad, so ideally:

By plane – Domestic flights will save you a lot of time. Flyadeal or FlyNas are local, budget airlines. Tip: Saudi cities are not made for walking, so even if you fly in, you should rent a car.

Rent a car – Feasible, assuming that you don’t mind driving long distances.