From an awesome Eastern European capital to the most mind-blowing mountains in Europe, a great coastline, a wine region with lovely towns and a very strong culture and national character, Georgia is the ultimate emerging destination.

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need to know for traveling in Georgia

Quick facts

Capital: Tbilisi

Population: 3.7 million (130th)

Language: Georgian

Area: 69,700km² (119th largest country)


94 nationalities can get a 365-day free visa upon arrival.

Getting in

Tbilisi has the main international airport with most connections, but budget airlines usually fly through Kutaisi.

You can easily travel overland from Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan but Russia

Travel Insurance

Georgia is a trekking destination, so get travel insurance that covers trekking in high altitudes, like IATI Insurance

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Best time to visit

Summer is best for trekking.

Spring and autumn are the best time to enjoy cities and lower-altitude mountains.


The official currency is Georgian Lari

1 USD = 2,50 GEL

You can pay by card in most places in Tbilisi and larger cities but not in the countryside. It’s easy to find working ATMs in most towns.

Budget: starts at $25 a day for budget backpackers.

Trekking in Georgia

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Located in the heart of the Caucasus, Georgia is the best trekking destination in Europe.

Basically, you have mountains which are as gorgeous as in Switzerland but much higher and the country is way more affordable.

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Top experiences in Georgia

Hang out in Tbilisi

One of the prettiest cities in Europe. Read my guide to travel to Tbilisi

Trekking in the Caucasian mountains

Jaw-dropping mountain scenery.

Visit the unrecognized republics

Abkhazia is an independent country within Georgia, yet not recognized by the UN. Read my travel guide to Abkhazia.

Visit the wine region during harvest season

Kakheti is home to fairy-tale-like villages and there’s no better time to go there than during harvest.

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tips for Georgia


There is a wide range of accommodation all over the country, from hostels to guesthouses, homestays and hotels.

They can be easily booked online.

Excursions and day trips from Tbilisi

If you are short on time, there are many excursions, day trips, and activities that you can do from Tbilisi.


Moving by public transportation is very easy, as you can find trains and marshrutkas going to pretty much each and every spot in the country