From an awesome Eastern European capital to the most mind-blowing mountains in Europe, a great coastline, a wine region with lovely towns and a very strong culture and national character, Georgia is the ultimate emerging destination.

Capital – Tbilisi

Population – 3.7 million (130th)

Language – Georgian

Visa – 94 nationalities can get a 365-day free visa upon arrival.

When to visit –  For trekking, you should come in summer but the rest of the country can be visited all year long, spring and autumn being the best time to come.

Travel insurance – Georgia is an adventure destination, so traveling with proper travel insurance is a must. I recommend World Nomads for the following reasons:

  1. It is the only company that covers with an unlimited budget
  2. It provides coverage for a very big bunch of adventure activities, including trekking in high altitudes
  3. You can hire it while on the road


5 Top things to do in Georgia – These are just some of my favorites:

  1. Hang out in Tbilisi – One of the prettiest cities in Europe. Read my guide to travel to Tbilisi
  2. Trekking in the Caucasian mountains – Jaw-dropping mountain scenery.
  3. Visit the unrecognized republics – Abkhazia is an independent country within Georgia, yet not recognized by the UN. Read my travel guide to Abkhazia.
  4. Visit Chiatura – What used to be the most important mining town in the USSR
  5. Explore Kakheti – The wine region is home to some pretty villages.

Typical costs – Georgia is the backpacker’s dream. You can easily travel for 20-30€ a day. For a full cost breakdown, don’t forget to check my Georgia guide.

Transportation – Moving by public transportation is very easy, as you can find trains and marshrutkas going to pretty much each and every spot in the country

Accommodation – There is a wide range of accommodation all over the country, from hostels to guesthouses, homestays and regular hotels.