How to find the right travel insurance for Pakistan


Pakistan is a great country and a destination I would recommend to any traveler who wishes to go on a different, unique and crazy adventure. 

However, truth to be told: Pakistan isn’t the average destination. 

It is challenging, its mountains are no joke and some regions can be particularly dangerous. 

Therefore, for your own safety, you really want to get travel insurance that covers all of the above peculiarities. 

So, what travel insurance should you get? Well, it really depends on your travel plans. 

In this tutorial, I will help you find the right travel insurance for Pakistan according to your needs as a traveler. 

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travel insurance for Pakistan



Things to take into account before choosing your travel insurance
Best travel insurance for Pakistan


Things you need to take into account choosing your medical travel insurance for Pakistan

All right.

You don’t need to be a travel expert to figure out that, if you go to Pakistan, you will require different travel insurance than if you go to Paris, for example.

And the reason is that, unlike Paris, Pakistan is an adventurous destination where there are some potential dangers, so you really want to buy something that covers those things. 

Factors to take into account when choosing your Pakistan travel insurance:

1 – Are you going to go trekking? If so, your travel insurance for Pakistan needs to cover hiking in high altitudes. 

2 – Are you price sensitive? Then you should buy the cheapest one. 

3 – Are you going to travel by public transportation or with a local guide? I don’t want to scare you but the public transportation in Pakistan is really bad and the rate of accidents is pretty high. If this is a concern for you, perhaps, you should buy insurance with high medical coverage. 


The best travel insurance companies for Pakistan – Full comparison

Travel insurance with the highest coverage – World Nomads

Cheapest travel insurance for any traveler – IATI Insurance

Travel insurance for European backpackers – True Traveller

We will go through all of them, one by one. 

For comparing the different prices, we will assume that we are going to Pakistan for 30 days, during the month of July, we are 30 years old and have an EU passport. 


Pakistan travel insurance with the highest coverage – World Nomads

World Nomads is the company I tend to recommend across all my guides, for the simple reason that it offers the highest coverage, as their most basic plan already provides you with 3,500,000€ in medical expenses and, for a few more €, you can get unlimited medical budget. 

From driving the Karakoram Highway to trekking to epic Himalayan base camps, this medical coverage is really an edge for an adventurous destination such as Pakistan. 

Moreover, I also think World Nomads is the ideal travel insurance company for Pakistan because their most basic plan already covers for trekking up to 6,000 meters, including rescue and things like that, so you won’t have to worry about anything. 

Minimum quote – 123€Includes 3,500,000€ of medical expenses

Premium Plan – 134€Unlimited medical expenses

World Nomads is the best travel insurance for Pakistan for:

  • Travelers who want to have the best medical coverage.
  • Travelers who are planning to go trekking, as their most basic plan already covers for trekking up to 6,000 meters.
  • It provides coverage for pretty much any nationality.

Cons of World Nomads

  • It is the most expensive insurance.
  • If you are not planning to go hiking, look for a cheaper one.
  • It doesn’t cover for accidents related to terrorism, war, hostilities, kidnapping, or any related event. 



Cheapest travel insurance for Pakistan, for any traveler – IATI Insurance

IATI is a travel insurance company which is characterized by offering a crazy number of different plans, plus it provides coverage to pretty much any nationality in the world.

They offer the cheapest plans and, on top of that, if you buy it through my link, you can get an exclusive 5% discount.

However, everything comes with a price and, compared to World Nomads, they don’t offer very good coverage. 

Basic plan – 76€ (-5% if you get it through my link) – But it doesn’t cover trekking at all

With trekking up to 2,000m – 120€ (-5% if you get it through my link) – You need to select the Backpacker Plan. 

With trekking up to 3,000m – 145€ (-5% if you get it through my link) – You need to select Star Plan. 

IATI Insurance is the best travel insurance for Pakistan for:

  • The most budget travelers, as it offers the cheapest quote.
  • You get an exclusive 5% discount if you get it through my link.
  • Those travelers who don’t plan to trek at all and just have some chilled out holidays in Pakistan. 

Cons of IATI Insurance

  • For adventurers who wish to go trekking, this is not the right travel insurance for hiking activities. The adventure supplement is pretty expensive and it only covers you up to 2,000 and 3,000 meters. 
  • The medical coverage is pretty low compared to World Nomads.
  • It doesn’t cover accidents related to terrorism, war, hostilities, kidnapping, or any related event. 


travel medical insurance pakistan


Cheapest Pakistan travel insurance for European backpackers – True Traveller

True Traveller is the ultimate travel insurance and the one I personally have been using since I discovered it at the end of 2018. 

What I like about it is that, unlike World Nomads, True Traveller is really flexible, meaning that you can add or remove any element you want from the final quote, so you can shape the perfect travel insurance for a country like Pakistan. 

Furthermore, their most basic plan already provides with outstanding medical coverage and then you can add things like adventure activities and stuff like that. 

Minimum quote – £71.87 – It includes £2,500,000 in medical expenses but it does not include trekking activities. 

With the supplement adventure (trekking up to 4,500m) £104

With the supplement of extreme adventure (trekking over 4,500m) – £135

With search and rescue included – £160 (You need to get a higher plan)

True Traveller is the best travel insurance for Pakistan for:

  • It offers amazing medical coverage, even with their basic plan, so you can travel the Karakoram Highway and everything in between pretty safely. 
  • If you aren’t planning to do much trekking, you should get this one because you can get a really cheap quote that doesn’t include adventure activities.
  • Even if you are just planning to do some really easy treks like Fairy Meadows for example (which is a small walk), I think you don’t really need an adventure supplement but it is up to you.

Cons of True Traveller

  • If you add all the adventure supplements, it can get even more expensive than World Nomads and, despite offering high medical expenses, World Nomads offers unlimited. 
  • IATI offers a cheaper quote.
  • It doesn’t cover citizens from outside the European Union
  • It doesn’t cover accidents related to terrorism, war, hostilities, kidnapping, or any related event. 


travel insurance to pakistan

With adventure supplement:

If you like my website and found this post useful, remember that, if you buy travel insurance through any of my links, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. These earnings help me maintain and keep Against the Compass going! Thanks 🙂


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  1. Hi Joan
    Looks like trekking up to 6000m requires an add on as it is a Level 3 activity. If you take the explorer or basic package adds on a fair bit
    Plan Explorer
    Base Policy $318.00
    Footprints Donation $3.00
    Sports & Activities Premium $333.90
    $654.90 AUD

      1. Of note- The policy price runs higher because I’m 54, I typed in 35 as a comparison and it’s about AUD $70 cheaper. Contacting them tomorrow on the issue of ropes for K2/Gondogoro La trek so I can feed back after that.

  2. I almost went with World Nomads, but decided on Travel Insured International because I had a friend who had emergency hernia surgery and they covered everything with no fuss. I also was on the phone forever trying to get more info with World Nomads, whereas Travel Insured answered all my questions right away. I wouldn’t want to wait on the phone in an emergency so I took that into consideration as well. Nevertheless, I’m sure they’re both good insurance companies. Just thought I would add my experience.

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