Azerbaijan is an ex-Soviet Muslim country. Physically, Azerbaijanis are a mixture between Iranians and Turks, but they wear a Russian cap. They speak both Azerbaijani (a Turkish dialect) and Russian. They drink tea in the same way as Iranians, using the same cups, pots and add the same extravagant amount of sugar. They enjoy drinking it in Arab cafés, but do you know what the difference is? They drink it alongside vodka! When you enter a café, they greet you with ”Salam”. But when you have a vodka shot with them, they will exclaim ”Nasdrovia!”. They possess Middle Eastern cordiality but, at first, they may seem to have the seriousness of a Russian. It’s hard to tell where you actually are. Soviet buildings, Arabic food and Russian signs.

Capital: Baku
– Population: 9.7 million (89th)
– Area: 86,600km2 (114th)

– Language: Azerbaijani (a Turkish dialect) and Russian
– Religion: Muslims (85% Shia and 5% Sunni)
– A curious fact: Did you know that Azerbaijan is rich is a secular country, has one of the biggest petrol reserves and its capital is so modern, clean and westernized like any other European capital?


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