10 Best hostels in Baku, Azerbaijan

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From extravagant modern and luxury buildings to a historical old city and an amazing social life that covers all sorts of bars, pubs, and restaurants: Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan will, definitely, surprise you and, perhaps, make you want to stay for longer.

When I first arrived in Baku, I was planning to stay just for 2 or 3 days but I had so much fun that I ended up staying for a week.

Luckily and, surprisingly, despite being an oil-producing capital, Baku has plenty of good budget hostels that can rival any in Europe. Whether you stay one night or a whole week, it’s important to choose the right place, according to your needs.

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best hostels Baku

These Baku hostels are chosen based on my own experience, friends’ recommendations, and internet research. All of them offer both budget dorms and private rooms.

Note that price ranges are approximate and they may change depending on the season.

Sahil Hostel and Hotel

One of the best-rated hostels in Baku, this is one of the most popular hostels in Azerbaijan. Located in the city center, just 10 minutes’ walk from the Old City of Baku, this hostel has super modern facilities and super friendly staff. With a great common room, with bean bags and a working place, the floor is made of parquet to keep you warm from the freezing weather of Baku.

Moreover, the dorm bunk beds have curtains to give you an extra bit of privacy. Sahil Hostel has hosted international travelers coming from an endless number of nationalities. A great place for backpackers.

The good: Location, modern facilities, coziness, cleanliness, friendly backpacking atmosphere

Main Street Hostel

Dorms from 7USD I Private rooms from 24USD

Situated on the main shopping street in Baku, Main Street Hostel is another super well-rated hostel. Traditionally decorated, using classic furniture from the country, this family-run hostel will make you feel like home, rather than in a hotel.

Many people claim that this is one of the best hostels they have ever been to, as its location is quite impossible to beat, as well as its cleanliness and comfortable beds.

The good: Location, cleanliness, awesome staff, free breakfast

The bad: Old furniture

Baku Home Hostel

Dorms from 6USD I Private rooms from 12USD

A very simple hostel but with pretty new furniture, Baku Home Hostel is another very comfortable youth hostel, really good for long stays. It is located on the left side of the Old City, 10 minutes’ walk from the city center.

Overall, everybody claims that this is a great hostel, clean and comfortable. However, people complain that there are only two bathrooms for all the guests and there’s no common lounge room, except for a couch in the reception.

The good: Clean, comfortable, new furniture

The bad: No breakfast, not enough toilets, no lounge area, staff doesn’t speak good English

White City Hostel

Dorms from 3USD I Private rooms from 6USD

If you look for the best value at the lowest price, White City Hostel might be your preferred choice as it offers the cheapest dorms in town. The hostel is clean and comfortable, two of the highest-ranking factors in a hostel. However, the low price is down to its location, around 5 kilometers from the Old City.

Nevertheless, some people find that 5 kilometers is not that far, plus, in Baku, taxis are very cheap. Some customers also complain that the price for extra services is pretty high. For example, both laundry and breakfast cost 3USD, which is the same price as a one night stay.

The good: Value for money, clean, comfortable, wide offer of tours

The bad: Location, no breakfast and high price for extra services

cHEEKY kAR Hostel

Dorms from 4USD I Private rooms from 10USD

With one of the best common rooms in town, where there’s even a football table, Baygan Hostel is also one of the cheapest hostels in Baku. It’s quite far from the city center, so if you really care about location, you should book one of the others.

Like all the hostels I am recommending, Baygan is clean and comfortable. It also has thick mattresses and a fully equipped kitchen.

The good: Low price, facilities, comfortable, clean, simple breakfast

The bad: Location, some of the staff don’t speak English, not enough toilets

Economy Hostel Baku

Dorms from 4USD I Private rooms from 12USD

Economy Hostel Baku brags about having the most accommodating and kindest staff in the city. Everybody claims to feel like home. Prices are among the lowest as well and, apparently, they even allow you to do your laundry for free, which will help to bring your costs down.

However, it’s quite far from the center, even though well-connected by metro. Mattresses are quite thin as well but the staff strive to keeping the place awesomely clean.

The good: Kind staff, clean, really cheap

The bad: Bad mattresses, some staff don’t speak English, noisy (very thin walls), location

Cheeky Carabao Backpackers Hostel

Dorms from 5USD I Private rooms from 12USD

Located in the heart of the city center, this beautifully decorated hostel is another source of great, budget accommodation in the city. Thanks to a very friendly staff, this is the perfect place for meeting other international backpackers, as they organize all kind of activities, including dinners and watching movies.

The mattresses are the most comfortable ever and everything is super new and clean. People have a hard time in finding bad things about this hostel.

The good: Almost everything, there is even a tennis-table

The bad: No breakfast, not a good place if you don’t like to socialize

Amsterdam Hostel

Dorms from 6USD I Family rooms from 23USD

Opened just recently, Amsterdam Hostel is well-located and one of the best-rated youth hostels in Baku. Everything is clean and comfortable and, for now, it seems that people can’t say many bad things about it, except that they don’t really offer private single/double rooms but just family rooms, which can fit up to four people. The price is good but there are other, cheaper hostels.

The good: Cleanliness, comfortable mattresses, location

The bad: No private rooms, there are cheaper hostels

Sports Baku Hostel

Dorms from 5USD 

Sports Baku Hostel was one of the first cheap hostels in Baku. It used to be really good value for money but, over time, a lot of nicer hostels have opened. It’s quite far from the city center and both kitchen and bathroom facilities are quite old. Moreover, I didn’t find a backpacking atmosphere, but it seemed that most guests were Russian-speaking people who came for business and things suchlike.

However, the staff were very friendly, even though they didn’t speak English at all. They organized a lot of drinking nights with all the guests and they tried their best for me to take part, even if I didn’t speak Russian. It was a good local experience, no doubt about that but, if you are looking for a more comfortable place, take one of the above options.

The good: Good local experience, cheap, well-connected to the metro, sometimes they offer you dinner

The bad: Old facilities, uncomfortable mattresses, staff don’t speak English

Azeri Hostel

Dorms from 8USD I Family rooms from 23USD

This is one of the most expensive youth hostels in Baku and for good reason! Serving the best breakfast in the city, the owner is a great guy who, occasionally, will even cook dinner for you. Dorms are equipped with normal beds, rather than bunk beds.

Mattresses are also very comfortable and it’s just a short walking distance from the city center. It is decorated with traditional Azari elements, which makes it look very authentic. Seriously, I can’t say anything bad about this great hostel.

The good: Everything, especially decoration and breakfast

The bad: Pricier compared to others

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