Against the Compass – Guest post guidelines

For your information, I do accept guest posts.

Find below my guest post guidelines:

If you would like to guest post for Against the Compass, your article must be subjected to the following guidelines:

Guidelines related to the ”article topic”

– If your article is about a specific country, it must be one of the countries I have blogged about. Here you can find my country list.

– However, in China and India, I’ve only been to Xinjiang and Jammu and Kashmir, respectively. Since both countries are massive, I will only accept guest posts from these two regions.

– If your article is non-country-related but a general travel topic, it must be related to my kind of travel: off the beaten track, dangerous countries, budget travel, backpacking, trekking, etc. The more specific, the better.

Bonus: Solo female travelers

– I am extremely interested in travel experiences from women who have been to any of the unconventional countries where I have been to, such as Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq, etc.

– If you are interested, the article must contain the following structure:

  • What’s traveling in X destination like as a solo woman traveler
  • Is it safe for solo women to travel to X destination?
  • Would you recommend X destination to solo women?

 Guidelines related to content (structure, SEO, etc.)

– Mostly, I would prefer informative posts, such as travel guides or how to’s.

– All my informative posts are extremely detailed or, at least, I try to make them as detailed as possible, which means that, the more detailed is your article, the better. Here’s an example of one of my favorite informative posts.

– However, I may also be open to story-telling articles, personal stories, volunteering, etc. The more unique or crazier, the better. Example: Airbnb in a Palestinian refugee camp.

– If you want to write an ”X Things to do article, it must contain original things or activities. Like on this article: Things to do in Erbil, Iraq

– My articles tend to have high-quality photos, so an article containing good photos is a plus.

– Just to let you know that I may change the structure in order to have it homogeneous across all my site.

– I will take care of all the SEO but, if you tell me which keywords would you like the article to rank for, it would be very helpful.

– For SEO purposes, your post must be, at least, 1,200 words. However, the longer the better.

What do you get in return?

1 – One link to your homepage at the beginning of the post

2 – Two links to any relevant article in the body of the text

3 – The article will be translated into Spanish, which means that the number of links will be multiplied x2

4 – Links to your preferred social networks

5 – Post will be promoted across all my social media, tagging you when necessary


If you are interested in guest posting for Against the Compass, please send me an email at joan(at) with your topic proposal and I will let you know whether I am interested or not. Thanks!