Israel & Palestine

Perhaps, this is the most complex country or territory in the world. Located in the heart of the most turbulent region on Earth, Israel and Palestine have been in conflict for ages but, despite all clashes, an endless number of holy sites like anywhere else in the world have been always attracting all sort of travelers.

  • Capital: Jerusalem (Israel) – Ramallah (Palestine)
  • Population: 8.1 million, 96th (Israel) – 4.6 million, 123rd (Palestine)
  • Area: 22,145km2, 151th (Israel) – 6,220 km2, 123rd (Palestine)
  • Language: Hebrew & Arabic
  • Religion: Judaism & Sunni Muslim
  • A curious fact: Did you know that the capital of Palestine, Ramallah is such a cosmopolitan and modern city where a Western could have a lot fun?


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