The best things to do in Egypt

Egypt, which is, perhaps, the most visited destination in Africa, is a country filled with some of the most ancient monuments, buildings, and treasures known by humans; and a country home to one of oldest, greatest civilizations ever known. 

The Great Pyramids of Giza are absolutely breathtaking, so are all the tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the jaw-dropping temples in Luxor. 

The north African country of Egypt is the ultimate destination for history lovers and a place nobody should ever miss.

Luckily, an Egypt visa for American citizens is particularly simple to get, so now you have no excuse and, for a sense of inspiration, I am going to show you the best things to do in the country. 


The best things to do in Egypt

The Valley of the Kings – When the greatest Kings rest

The Valley of the Kings goes as #1 because this is where the greatest of the great pharaohs that ruled in the New Kingdom rest in peace, including the tomb of Tutankhamun, who is famous not for being a great Pharaoh but because his tomb is the most well-preserved tomb ever found, containing some of the best treasures. 


Sailing over the Nile – The longest river in the world

Starting in Uganda and finishing n Mediterranean Egypt, sailing over the longest river in the world through mango plantations, epic ancient temples, and rural villages is an experience that you don’t really want to miss. 


The Pyramids of Giza – One of the ancient wonders

The Great Pyramid of Giza used to be one of the classic 7 World Wonders and, today, it is the only one surviving. Raising from the sands of the Sahara, the Pyramids of Giza are some marvelous buildings that acquire a particularly beautiful red when they get exposed to the sunset light. 

The pyramids are, definitely, a reason by itself for coming to Egypt. 


The Sinai Peninsula – Home to Bedouins and the greatest coastline

Home to some of the waters containing some of the most impressive corals in the world, the Sinai Peninsula is considered one of the top places for diving on Earth. 

But, even if diving was not your thing, the Sinai is also home to a pretty visible and well-preserved Bedouin culture, most of them now settled in the coastal villages, but many of them still carrying out a traditional life deep into the mountains and desert. 

From excursions to epic monasteries to the best resorts in the country, the Sinai is a big region of Egypt with loads, loads of things to do and see. 


Aswan – A chilled-out city in the south of Egypt

Aswan is, perhaps, the most beautiful city in Egypt, sitting on the Nile shore, and miles away from the chaos of Cairo and other big Egyptian cities. 

One of the main peculiarities about Aswan is that is has a large population of Nubians, an ethnic group which is believed to be the actual Egyptians and one of the oldest ethnic groups in Africa. 

From visiting Nubian villages to remote temples and really authentic markets, Aswan is by far, the most charming city in Egypt. 


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