My 5 favorite places to visit in Thailand

From utterly tasty food to some of the most jaw-dropping islands ever, drop-dead Buddhist temples and the beautiful jungle and landscapes of the northern areas, it is not surprising at all that Thailand has quickly become one of the prime touristic destinations, not only in Asia, but also in the entire world. 

With day-by-day increasing flight connections and the introduction of a very easy Thailand eVOA, visiting this southeastern Asian country can’t be easier. 

For a sense of inspiration, this article contains my top 5 places to visit in the country. 


My 5 favorite places to visit in Thailand


Popularly known as the city that never sleeps, your trip to Thailand will most likely begin here. 

What I like about Bangkok is that, besides being a great introduction to South East Asia, this chaotic city is surprisingly cosmopolitan, kind of Westernized to some extent, so besides visiting it as a tourist, it is a place where you could live for a while, as long as you don’t mind living in a bustling city. 

From a great nightlife to the best Thai food in the country, Bangkok is, definitely, a must visit. 


Chiang Rai

Just 3 hours away from Chiang Mai, you find a city named Chiang Rai, a small locality home to the internationally famous Wat Rong Khun, more popularly known as the White Temple. 

A Buddhist temple composed of the weirdest statues and shapes, you can’t miss staring at the bridge of the cycle of rebirth, which contains the hundreds of famous outreaching hands that symbolize unrestrained desire.

The biggest downside is that taking photos in the inside of the temple isn’t allowed but the outside is equally impressive, so going back home with loads of epic pictures is guaranteed. 


Khao Sok National Park

If you are fancying a more virgin area, Khao Sok National Park is the largest rain forest in the south of Thailand, a forest that is claimed to have as much diversity as the Amazon rain forest itself.

The National Park has a crazy variety of different mammals which range from elephants to tigers, bears, different types of deers, monkeys and everything you may imagine. 

Therefore, if you want to escape from the noisy and busy southern coastline of Thailand, this National Park is the place to go. 


Hua Hin

Do you want to visit a more off the beaten track place?

Great, because Hua Hin is a popular destination among expats and locals but not many tourists know about it. 

This means that, if you come during the week, the place won’t be very busy, so you will have a beautiful beach pretty much to yourself, something difficult to experience in Thailand. 

I personally love the beaches around Phuket and Koh Phi Phi but many locals claim that this one of Thailand’s best mainland beaches. 


Chiang Mai

Home to some amazing temples and beautiful nature, Chiang Mai is my top destination in Thailand and the reason is that you can live here as a Westerner, with the great advantage that you will be surrounded by a very exotic atmosphere. 

Chiang Mai is in fact, home to the largest community of digital nomads in Asia, as it has great internet, loads of different cuisines and you find a great Thai culture. 


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