Medical Air Service Takes Stress Out Of Flying After A Stroke!

Travelling to far away and exotic destinations is an ultimate dream for many. People think about coming back with great pictures, memories, stories, and maybe some souvenirs too! However, that perfect dream can suddenly turn into a nightmare when a medical emergency strikes in a foreign land. A stroke never verifies your current location, checks your age, or informs you in advance before turning your life upside down. Language barriers, unsatisfactory medical care, and insurance problems can lead to frustration for both patients and their families, making them look for a reliable air ambulance company to get back home at the earliest.

According to a study, 1 in every 6 people in the world suffers from a stroke sometime in their lifetime. About 15 million people across the globe suffer from stroke every year and many of them face the condition while they are travelling abroad. After they receive the initial medical care in the nearest hospital, they would want to get back home to people they know and receive medical care from the trusted doctor who knows their medical history.

If the patient suffers from a mini-stroke, he may have to spend at least 3 days in a foreign hospital for his situation to stabilize before he can be transported to his homeland via an emergency medical flight. In case of a massive stroke, the patient may have to wait for two weeks or even more.  Ischemic stroke is caused by blood clotting in the brain, so travelling by airplanes is completely ruled out. Sitting on a plan for a long period of time can increase the chances of second stroke; hence medevac services help such patient get home safely.


Dealing With Disabilities On A Medical Flight After Stroke

Flying after a stroke requires expert medical care because the patients who suffer from the condition may have visible or invisible disabilities. Some of the common post-stroke effects are paralyzed limbs, severe fatigue, anxiety, and inability to communicate or write properly. Another common difficulty that might arise after a stroke is Dysarthria – a motor speech disorder where the patient may suffer from slow or rapid speech due to restricted jaw movement.

These issues may make an airport experience extremely uncomfortable for patients and their families. Apart from that, there are many other formalities that the patient’s family may need to take care of to get discharged from the foreign hospital. This is where medical repatriation by Medical Air Service comes into the picture. 


Services Offered at Medical Air Service

At Medical Air Service, we offer a wide range of medical flights 24/7 to transport patients after a stroke to another hospital or clinic in their country. The air ambulances are well-equipped to provide intensive care to the patient and we also have medical professionals to take care of critical patients during transit. To provide optimum care to the patients and ensure safe medical air transport from anywhere in the world to your home, our air ambulances are equipped with the following resources:

  • Multi-function monitoring equipment
  • Patient warming system
  • Portable intensive-care respirator
  • External cardiac pacemakers
  • Pressure infusion bags
  • Artificial respiration bag
  • Emergency rucksack


Medical Flights Offered By Medical Air Service

We offer a wide range of medical flights depending upon the condition of the patient and country’s regulations. Our excellent fleet of planes, helicopters, and air ambulances are fully equipped with the advanced medical facilities to ensure patients flying after a stroke come back home safely. 

The medically-equipped helicopters work best for time-sensitive transport when the medical evacuation is an emergency. The biggest advantage of helicopter transport is that they can land directly on the hospital premises without wasting any time in ground transport. It guarantees the shortest possible medevac any time of the day or night

Our fleet of aircraft is outfitted with the latest medical equipment to provide intensive care to patients flying after a stroke. We also offer medical professionals to escort the patients and their families safely to their home country.

As an international air ambulance company, we have a good alliance with the major airports in different countries around the world. If a stroke knocks you down in a foreign land, rely on Medical Air Service to arrange a secure and safe medical repatriation back to your home, your loved ones!

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