Guide to Going to Tarlac

Why Travel Between Manila and Tarlac? 

Whether you are a resident of the Philippines or on vacation in the Philippines, you may want to see all the different cities and what they have to offer. Due to the location of the Philippines, and its rich history of colonization, the Philippines is a very rich cultural country. They have cultural infusions from China, Spain, the United States, Japan, and other countries. This has influenced their food, culture, religion, and architecture. This makes the Philippines a vibrant place to live in or travel to. In addition, often the different cities have a different cultural feel to them. Manila is also very densely populated with about 72,000 people per square kilometer. If you are looking to get out of the crowded city, traveling to Tarlac could be a short trip for you. 


Getting to Tarlac

Traveling between Manila and Tarlac can be done by bus or taxi. A taxi between the two cities can be very expensive, so the bus is your best option. The bus going to Tarlac from Manila can take anywhere from two to three hours. If you travel by taxi it can be much faster and take around an hour and a half. However, a taxi can cost you about $118 which is much more expensive than even the most expensive bus ticket.

The bus going to Tarlac from Manila has many different options for you to choose from. Cisco bus company offers different levels of bus fare, where the most economic options are a crowded bus with about 60 other passengers on them. This is your best option if you are trying to get between the cities in the most economic fashion and do not care about the luxuries that a more expensive bus fare can offer. A more expensive bus will come with a restroom on board which means fewer stops between the cities to get you there faster. In addition, more expensive bus options often offer you a light snack and some water.

If you are traveling by bus, it is best to get to the bus terminal to Tarlac from Manila early to make sure you do not miss your bus. In addition, before you get to the bus terminal going to Tarlac from Manila, it is best to buy your tickets to ensure you have a place on the bus, and you have chosen the fare and time that best suits your needs.


What to Do in Tarlac

After you have arrived at the bus terminal going to Tarlac from Manila, and taken the bus to Tarlac, there are plenty of things for you to see and do in the city. Tarlac is home to beautiful architecture and churches that you can view. There is also a great food to be enjoyed in Tarlac, like a restaurant that dedicates its whole menu to food made from goat. This is only one of the many unique restaurants in Tarlac for you to choose from. There is so much more to see and do here so head to the bus terminal going to Tarlac from Manila today to see another beautiful city.  

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