If you ever decide to go on a trip to Pakistan, I promise you that you will have the adventure of your lifetime.

From hitchhiking on tractors and psychedelic trucks to driving over extremely narrow mountain roads built on a cliff 1,500 meters high, soldiers who voluntarily give you their AK-47 for taking a photo, the most striking landscape and the fact that you can camp in the middle of a paradise completely by yourself. 

Pakistan is, definitely, the ultimate traveling experience.

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Capital – Islamabad

Population – 201 million (6th)

Official language – Urdu

Visa – The Pakistani Government has finally introduced an e-visa system. Many travelers have already been successful but there are many rules, exceptions and bugs. For more information on visas, read my 70 Pakistan travel tips.

When to go – Most people want to go to Pakistan because of the mountains and, if you want to do trekking, they are only accessible from May till early October. In winter, the temperature drops to freezing temperatures but the Karakoram Highway remains open all year long, so if you just wanna drive around, the north will still be accessible. The south of Pakistan is more cultural and, since it is mostly a desert, it is recommended to come here during the winter season.

Safety in Pakistan – The security situation in Pakistan is very relative and complicated. For a deeper understanding read my analysis: Is Pakistan safe?

Top experiences in Pakistan – Whether you are a nature and trekking lover or you just want to discover epic mosques and cultural heritage, there are loads of stuff to do in Pakistan. I spent 2 months in Pakistan and, so far, these were my most favorite experiences:

  1. Driving the Karakoram Highway
  2. Trekking around some of the highest mountains in the world
  3. Exploring remote mountain villages in Astore
  4. Attending a Pagan Festival in the Kalash Valleys
  5. The Sufi culture of Multan
  6. The cultural capital of Lahore

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Travel Insurance for Pakistan – As you may know, Pakistan isn’t the average destination, which means that there are many things to take into account when choosing proper travel insurance.

That is why I have written this mega tutorial: How to find the right travel insurance for Pakistan

Hospitality in Pakistan – If you have been to Iran or Sudan and you found that people were really hospitable, then wait for Pakistan. The hospitality in this country is what I call incredibly overwhelmingly. The locals are so hospitable that, after a few weeks, I sometimes preferred to stay in a hotel because it was just too much. You are likely to receive house and meal invitations every day. The downside is that, in their culture, some Pakistani people can’t understand the element of privacy, so this is something that you have to get used to.

Cultural etiquette – Pakistan is a very conservative Muslim country, more than any other place I have ever been to. There are some regions, like the Swat Valley and Peshawar, where people have very strong fundamentalist ideas. In those areas, women wear the Afghan burqa and, basically, many men have never talked to a woman who isn’t family related. You must always be very respectful with their culture and that involves not shaking hands or even staring at their women and, if possible, you should dress the way they do. In the rest of the country, you will find all sorts of Pakistanis but always try not to say anything which might, somehow, offend Islam.

Transportation in Pakistan – The south part of the country is well-connected by train and bus. In the northern areas, there is also public transportation but, in my opinion, hitchhiking was much easier and faster.

Accommodation – There are plenty of accommodations. In my 1-month Pakistan itinerary, you can find different recommendations per city.