Ladakh is basically a Himalayan region where authentic Tibetan people live in. It’s often called the little Tibet, and for Indians themselves, this is the best place where to spend their vacations within India. Why? In India chaos rules, it’s overpopulated and there’s traffic everywhere. Ladakh is a different place which differs from all these stereotypes. Here you find peace and silence, which combined with the stunning Himalayan landscape and the Tibetan culture, sometimes you may even forget that you are actually in India.

Capital: Leh
– Population: 270 thousand (1,2 billion in India – 2nd)
– Area: 86,900km2 (in India 3,287,595km2
– 4th)
– Language: Tibetan
– Religion: Majority Buddhism
– Curious fact: Did you know that the capital of Ladakh is already located at 3,500 above sea level and people in Ladakh claim they are not Indians?


A guide to Tibetan food in Ladakh

I want to ask you a question: ”On a normal weekday for dinner at your home, would you eat a noodle soup as a starter and a plate of spaghetti carbonara as a main course along with some bread?” That would be a lot of pasta, carbs and more carbs, right? Unless you are drunk, or haven’t eaten in days or …

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